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"Zero doors are the best on the market." - Larry Cassidy, CONSOL Energy's General Mine Foreman

Designed For Miners -
Approved By Miners

The Zero Man Door was designed by people who have spent their lives in the mining industry. They built the Zero Man Door with the input, knowledge and specifications that comes directly from miners, engineers and managers who have experienced every one of the brutal conditions and tight economic limits and safety issues you face every day in the mines. We build that experience into every door we make.


For the mining industry, reducing risk has never been more critical, so we put safety first. We take extra care to roll our door edges so they can't snag clothes or equipment. We listened to your feedback, and made new, high-visibility safety reflectors a standard feature into our mine doors. And we developed a special auto-close design that eliminates slamming and keeps body parts out of harm's way.


Heavy, galvanized, 10-gauge tubular steel frames and 16-gauge steel door panels give you as much as three times the service life as lower-quality mine doors. And since they can shrug off convergence, heaving, and day-to-day wear and tear, you'll spend a lot less time and money on maintenance and replacement.

Easiest to Install and Maintain

The Zero mine door's simple, five-piece modular design makes installation a snap. Using one simple tool, a single worker or a two-man team can assemble several doors in a single shift. To give you maximum flexibility, our standard man-door sizes range from 30" x 30" to 42" x 60"—all with adjustable frames that fit 6-inch, 8-inch, and thicker stopping walls. And any replacement part for any door is just a phone call or an email order away.

Easiest to Operate — and Own!

On the job, Zero mine doors are trouble-free. Sure-tight latching handles secure all four corners, and—with our exclusive, extra-durable fiberglass gasket—give you an airtight seal you can count on. In field tests, Zero doors seal better, and stay tight longer, than conventional doors.

Want more? To facilitate safe movement between high-pressure and low-pressure spaces, every door comes with a built-in equalizer port that doubles as a convenient rock-dusting access point that minimizes air control disruption.

By keeping the air where you need it to be, more effectively than any other mine door, Zero Man Doors save time, labor, and energy costs for you and your crew.